Improve quality, reduce cost.

This may seem unachievable but we have solved this dilemma for clients and saved them millions in the process.

Cost cutting alone will impact services. A more intelligent approach that considers process efficiencies and continuous improvement works and it delivers dramatic results.

We call it Cost and Efficiency Optimisation and to find out what it is and how it can help you achieve the seemingly unachievable, please read on.

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Cost and Efficiency Optimisation is a holistic process that considers business process efficiencies and cost reduction strategies as part of an overall programme.
The aim is to streamline business processes to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Based on many decades of experience, we developed iCEO to apply intelligence to cost and efficiency initiatives.
iCEO is a consulting service that combines best practice methodologies with proven knowledge transfer programmes and innovative software tools to identify CEO opportunities and manage the whole optimisation process.
Developed in collaboration with Warwick University, iCEO provides a powerful set of tools that have achieved impressive results. For example Computer 2000 saved more than £1.3 million, £500,000 and TNT Logistics more than £180,000.
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