Cost Reduction- The Devil’s In The Detail

Pinpointing, prioritising and pursuing hidden costs is only possible with VISIBILITY.  Maximising visibility can difficult, but once it’s achieved, costs can be challenged and remodeled.   As cost & process analysts we uniquely understand the problem of creating visibility  - getting to that devilish detail via Excel can be a soul-destroying exercise –   so we’ve created software the speeds up and eases the process radically.  Taking spend analysis project time from months to days…. find out more here with these links:





Contract Management News: EPI International and The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) have teamed up on a CIPS members-benefit promotion.

From March 2013, when CIPS members renew their annual subscription they get FREE access to EPI’s essential contract management software Contracts in the Cloud.

Contracts in the Cloud solves issues that arise around contract management within larger organisations.  In fact, contract management is one of the greatest and most neglected cost-cutting opportunities in larger organisations. The NAO (National Audit Office) has recently outlined the importance of contract management when expressing why maximum savings are not being achieved.

It’s not unusual to find contracts are often managed without true diligence or governance – holding companies to costs, product and services that no longer provide best value or purpose. Often there is no central repository for key contracts; no clarity on who is managing the life-cycle of a contract; no system in place for strategic reviews and tendering as contracts end dates draw near;  and no figures pulled in for competitive comparison.   Such lost opportunities.

Contracts in the Cloud resolves such issues:

* Contracts are scanned and uploaded to ONE central repository – this is password protected but can be accessed by those with authority from any office or device with a browser.
* Once within the contract management software, the system identifies who is responsible for each contract
* Contract management software creates notice periods for reviews of critical dates
* Automated email alerts are sent at intervals to named individuals responsible for each contract
* Always ensuring contracts are managed in structure time frames, with total control

It’s all very simple – but without contract management software such as Contracts in the Cloud creating structure and automating alerts to critical contract dates, contract management can get chaotic very easily.

The partnership between EPI International and CIPS has already proved to be immensely successful.  Many organisations have signed up for Contracts in the Cloud, and can look forward to their company contract management going from strength to strength.


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