The Client - Alumasc is a UK-based manufacturer of premium building and precision engineering products. In recent years Alumasc has experienced rapid growth of sustainable building products, especially relating to energy and water management.

The Challenge

Some of Alumasc’s products are non-standard dimensions and weights and because of this they are susceptible to impact damage in transit. Outbound logistics is a critical area because when returns and damage is minimised, customer service is maximised. Alumasc identified this as a fertile target area where cost and efficiency improvements could be achieved to help boost profitability and have a sustainable future impact. We also believed improvements could be made so we were asked for a proposal on how we could achieve the goal.

What We Did

We conducted a CEO Assessment that compared current contracts with our model of best practice. Based on the outcome we delivered a Value Optimiser project with recommendations that Alumasc use two new suppliers for outbound logistics. We identified two new suppliers for outbound logistics and negotiated agreements with more service functionality such as on-line tracking, more preferential payment terms and better overall value for money.