The Client - Fläkt Woods Group is a specialist in axial fan design and manufacture and is a leading player in the global air movement and conditioning industry. Fläkt Woods Limited is the UK operating company and Group Centre of Excellence for Axial Fan technology. With revenues over £50 million and 400 people, the UK company operates from a manufacturing facility in Colchester. It also has sales offices in Birmingham and Manchester.

The Challenge

Fläkt Woods was spending almost £300,000 per annum on Office Consumables, Industrial Gases and Lubricants, Protective Work Wear and Tools. This was identified as a target area where Cost and Efficiency Optimisation (CEO) could be achieved to help boost profitability and have a sustainable future impact. We also believed improvements could be made so we were asked for a proposal on how we could achieve the goal.

What We Did

We conducted a CEO Assessment that compared current processes and contracts with our model of best practice. This included detailed cost and consumption profiling to identify and prioritise CEO opportunities. Based on the outcome we delivered a Value Optimiser project with recommendations on supplier rationalisation, streamlining of processes and standardising agreements. We also ran Knowledge Transfer Programmes where employees were trained and mentored to implement new ideas and processes throughout the organisation.