The Client - Jephson Housing Association Group manages 16,000 homes for general family housing, low-cost home ownership, sheltered housing and housing for tenants with support needs. With more than 40 locations in England, Jephson is a complex multi-site organisation.

The Challenge

Jephson had rent arrears in 2009 of £49m. The cost of administering the process was estimated at £375,000 per annum. The objective was to minimise the cost of the process whilst reducing the number of tenants in arrears, without compromising service levels. This is always a difficult balancing act that requires an intelligent approach to eliminating waste, reducing cost and improving efficiency.

What We Did

We conducted a CEO Assessment that compared current processes with our model of best practice. Based on the outcome we delivered a Process Optimiser project designed to enable Jephson to achieve it’s goals. The project comprised Knowledge Transfer through training and mentoring and the use of our CEOportal software. We helped Jephson create detailed process maps and a Value Stream analysis to identify where cost is consumed and value added in a process. On-line Brainstorming events were then run and ideas evaluated and prioritised. This enabled them to create a future state process map that describes how processes need to be reconfigured to achieve the desired outcomes.