The Client - In December 2007 RCT Homes became Wales’s largest social landlord when it acquired ownership and management of the entire housing stock of nearly 11,000 homes from Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council. Headquartered in Pontypridd South Wales, RCT Homes is now responsible for homes on more than 60 housing estates and in 27 sheltered housing schemes.

The Challenge

RCT Homes had many legacy issues to manage in particular, a rent loss that had been running at around £1.3 million for many years. This was due to the inefficiency of the Voids and Letting process where the average turnaround time between tenants was 33 days. Geoff Cheetham, Corporate Programme Manager at RCT Homes was charged with optimising the process. The goal was a 60% reduction in time (from 21,006 hours to 8,528 hours) and a 31% reduction in costs (from £220,000 to £151,000) to maintain and turnaround each 1,000 voids. RCT Homes is also committed to Continuous Improvement to ensure changes are sustainable. Achieving cost reduction whilst improving service is always a difficult balancing act and RCT Homes are making excellent progress.

What We Did

We conducted a CEO Assessment that compared current processes with our model of best practice. Based on the outcome we delivered a Process Optimiser and CEO Planner project designed to enable RCT Homes to achieve its goals. The project comprised Knowledge Transfer through training and mentoring and the use of our CEOportal software. We helped RCT Homes create detailed process maps and a Value Stream analysis to identify where cost is consumed and value added in a process. On-line Brainstorming events were then run and ideas evaluated and prioritised. This enabled them to create a future state process map that describes how processes need to be reconfigured to achieve the desired outcomes.