The Client - TNT is a global business with operations in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. They are the European market leader in global express, logistics and international mail services and every day they deliver documents, parcels and freight to customers through their integrated air and road network.

The Challenge

To support its business TNT spends a significant amount of money on Marketing and Media procurement and printing. As with the TNT network, the purchasing machine was running smoothly, but potentially not as efficiently as it could. This was identified as a target area where Cost and Efficiency Optimisation could be achieved to help boost profitability and have a sustainable future impact. We also believed improvements could be made so we were asked for a proposal on how we could achieve the goal.

What We Did

We conducted a CEO Assessment that compared current processes and contracts with our model of best practice. This included detailed cost and consumption profiling to identify and prioritise CEO opportunities. Based on the outcome we delivered a Value Optimiser project with recommendations based primarily on a process reconfiguration. We introduced a print management company which improved service levels and delivered significant cost savings on like-for-like print items. In addition, TNT allowed the print broker to join pre-print design discussions with the Marketing Department and TNT’s creative agency so that specification improvements could directly lead to more efficient print methods being identified and reviewed early in the design process.