Contract Management For Large Organisations

For large organisations, contract management can be a major challenge, full of points of pain:

* High-volume of supplier contracts to keep track of
* Long time-cycles for negotiating, delivering & signing of contracts
* Cumulative increased cost-effect when contracts are forgotten and rolled-over

Contracts can be an asset or a liability according to how well they are managed and contract management software is one way to ensure best practice within larger organisations.

Today’s technology is largely intuitive and requires virtually no learning curve – and the structure and fail-proof mechanisms it provides can be transformative.

When contract management is cloud-based, contracts can be  easily and immediately accessed by everyone involved in the management process as all contracts are held in one repository (with password protection for security of course).

When scanning and uploading contracts to the software, review and end dates are assigned to each contract so that automated email alerts can be sent to contract managers, ensuring critical dates are never overlooked and that they have the time advantage in new negotiations.

Significant savings can be achieved with good contract management, positively impacting bottom line profits.

EPI’s cloud-based software is available from and is FREE to the first user for 12 months, and only £20 per user thereafter.  Our explainer-videos tell you more at

Why not give it a trial and find out for yourself.