How to Create Cost Reduction Opportunities – Software with the Midas Touch

The problem

It is often very difficult and extremely time consuming to get a clear picture of spend across a business.  A common problem many organisations have is not knowing exactly what they are spending on certain categories of products and services. Lack of cost visibility prevents organizations from harnessing the significant hidden profit and massive potential for cost reductions available to them -  the necessary spend & process review required to achieve this cost visibility often seems to lengthy, expensive and labour intensive.  But not anymore.

The solution

CEO Planner is a multi-dimensional spend analysis tool with a powerful analysis engine that reduces cost reduction review time from weeks to days and hours.

With CEO Planner you can VISUALISE, ANALYSE, PRIORITISE & ACTUALISE cost reductions with speed & ease.

CEO Planner can be used by organisations either with the support of a cost consultant or entirely as an in-house resource, and enables you to look at spend data in four dimensions – time, process, location and supplier. The data is presented in highly visual formats so that you can easily and swiftly identify where the best opportunities are to improve efficiency, eliminate waste and create costs reductions.

CEO stands for COST & EFFICIENCY OPTIMISATION and CEO Planner builds a graphical model of your business so that you can instantly get an enterprise-wide view of spend across the categories and geographic regions you define. This is the foundation of CEO Planner and it can be built to support organisations of any size and complexity.


* CEO Planner has many advantages that apply to enterprises in the private and public


* Easy access to data which can be accessed from anywhere via web browser, subject to


* A full archive of current and expired contracts is maintained to provide a complete audit

and compliance resource.

* Easily and quickly identifies opportunities to improve efficiency, eliminate waste and

reduce costs.

* Eliminate unexpected contract expiry, expensive supplier standard variable rate and

back-foot negotiations.

* Define, implement and monitor a programme of continuous improvement, to ensure CEO

opportunities are never missed.

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