Managing Contracts & Larger Organisations

Contract management is one of the greatest and most neglected cost-cutting opportunities in larger organisations. 

It’s not unusual to find contracts are often managed without true diligence or governance – holding companies to costs, product and services that no longer provide best value or purpose.

Often there is no central repository for key contracts; no clarity on who is managing the life-cycle of a contract; no system in place for strategic reviews and tendering as contracts end dates draw near;  and no figures pulled in for competitive comparison.   Such lost opportunities.

We’ve been working with a housing organisation, and have guided them to savings in excess of £1million annually.  Achieved by forensic analysis of  contracts over three phases.  Potential for savings were identified; services were re-tendered; and incredible savings were secured for the organisation.  To continue best practice, contracts were put under management using our cloud-based software, and mangers will now be auto-alerted by email when critical review dates are approaching. 

So, over £1million savings per annum achieved, simply by putting best practice contract management in place.  Quite an out come for out client.  Quite an out come for any organisation….

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