You are Individual

We recognise that organisations have different needs, so we don't try to sell generic solutions to specific problems. We never make assumptions about your priorities because that is dangerous and it could lead to wasted time and effort for us both.

So before we propose anything we get to know you. Only by understanding what you want to achieve can we deliver a solution that fits your needs exactly. ‘Almost’ is never good enough.

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We want to make a significant impact on your organisation and to do this, we define where the cost and efficiency optimisation (CEO) opportunities are.
The CEO Assessment is a structured approach that looks at target business processes, cost data and spending profiles to identify where you can reduce costs, eliminate waste and improve efficiency. The CEO Assessment confirms where we can make an impact so you can decide on your priorities and set goals.
Some clients already have the right skills and resources to deliver a CEO project in-house and we support this through a range of consulting services. However, if you don't have capability or you want to try us out then a 'payment by results' option is available. To learn how this works, see Options.
Once you have decided on your goals and how these will be delivered, we create a customised knowledge transfer programme to achieve the desired outcome. This can include training, mentoring and project management. The exact mix will be determined by how you want to run your project. To learn more, see Knowledge Transfer.
A key component of a project is CEOportal, a web-based community platform that incorporates software to support Continuous Improvement, Strategic Sourcing and Lean Thinking. It also enables you to interact with other organisations to share knowledge, experience and ideas. To find out more, see CEOportal.
To learn more about our approach or to schedule an initial discussion,please get in touch.