Who delivers results?

When a CEO opportunity is identified, you need to decide how to grasp it and we can either help you or do it for you.
If 'payment by results' sounds good and you only want to pay us when savings have been confirmed, Gainshare is the option. Proven success or no fees payable is a pretty compelling proposition.
However, if you have expertise in-house but you want us to help you, Empower is the right choice.

Whatever option you choose, we develop a Project Plan that defines deliverables, responsibilities, milestones, fees and payment terms. Once these are agreed we start work.


We work with your team to identify areas of improvement and create a plan to achieve the results you define.  Working as full, part-time or interim consultants, we create a Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP) of workshops, training and mentoring that is specific to you. Costs include fees for KTP plus an optional monthly CEOportal subscription based on the number of users.


A GainShare project starts with an in-depth review and from this we produce an Interim Report. This confirms the quick win and longer term savings potential and it clearly defines how they can be achieved. This includes reconfiguring business processes, redefining specifications, renegotiating agreements with existing suppliers or identifying new sources of supply.

The Interim Report provides you with enough information to make a decision to proceed. It also gives us the authority to act on your behalf to contact current and new suppliers and negotiate agreements you can implement to achieve defined savings.

The length of a GainShare project depends on the objectives and when it is completed a Final Report is submitted to confirm the results. Fees are based on a combination of projected and audited savings and to learn more about how this works, please get in touch.