Tools to make life easier

Everyone wants to reduce costs, eliminate waste and improve efficiency and CEOportal enables you to do that with tools to identify, manage and control Value and Process Optimisation.

Individually these are very powerful tools and when they are combined with experience and judgement, the results can be truly outstanding.

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CEO Planner

A common question we hear is “Where do we start?” and this is answered with CEO Planner. It identifies the areas of CEO potential by building a model of the enterprise and from this you can make informed decisions on your priorities. This could be a Value or Process Optimiser project and you can also manage progress to ensure benefits are sustainable and locked in. To learn more about CEO Planner, view and download an overview.

Process Optimiser

Using the best practices of Lean Thinking we streamline and reconfigure business processes to eliminate waste, improve efficiencies and reduce cost. But cutting processes without considering the impact on service levels is suicide. Process Optimiser enables you to balance different criteria to determine the best overall outcome against criteria you specify. To learn more about Process Optimiser, view and download an overview.

Value Optimiser

Everyone wants to reduce the cost of goods and services and get the best value they can. This is what Value Optimiser enables you to do by using best practice Strategic Sourcing techniques to achieve value for money improvements that are long term and sustainable. To learn more about Value Optimiser, view and download an overview.