Spend Visibility Software

A common problem for many organisations is not knowing exactly what they are spending in certain areas of business.  One significant side effect of this is lost visibility.

A saving of £10k in an organisation is equivalent to making £100k in new sales. Organisations need data they trust, so they can take control.  Without visibility, cost reduction opportunities can not be identified.  Spend and process analysis CREATES visibility, but historically these reviews have been slow, painful and encumbered by hefty consultant costs – so often the active decision made is NOT to undertake such a project.  Resulting in vast amounts of potential cost reduction savings being lost.

We wanted to resolve this conflict.   We wanted to meet the pain-points of doing a spend review (time, cost, hassle and often poor results not worthy of the time, cost, hassle invested) and provide a solution.

Our solution is the iCEO software suite.  Software with powerful analysis engines that speed up a spend review from weeks to days, and delivers DATA YOU CAN TRUST.

With iCEO you can visualise, analyse, prioritise, actualise cost reductions RAPIDLY.  To find out more:

01905 620670 www.epi-international.co.uk